Easiest And Hardest African Countries Nigerians Can Travel To

Image Source – @FunmiOyatogun (Twitter)

Have you ever wanted to tour Africa from Nigeria but didn’t want go through the stress of visa application for some countries. Now you can find out at a glance the African countries that have easy visa process and those with the most difficult right now.

A Nigerian travel enthusiast, Funmi Oyatogun created a beautiful map, color grading African countries that are easy or difficult to visit. Some of the factors considered were, visa application process, availability of direct access or short-layover flights etc. At first glance, it comes as no surprise that countries like Libya or South Sudan are amongst the most difficult African countries to visit because of their recent crises. Looking at Lesotho on the same list makes you wonder, but never say never.

Amongst the easiest countries to visit are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Gambia and a whole lot more. With the massive tourist attraction, which is the Victorian Falls, you’d expect Zambia and Zimbabwe to be easy but they almost disappointedly fall half-way. Zambia is one of the countries with an e-visa application platform with the the layovers in Nairobi and Johannesburg. Zimbabwe on the other hand requires a visa approval letter to pay for visa on arrival.

Feel free to read more about the list of countries here.

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